Sunday Service: Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Political correctness has been accused of silencing free speech, pushing prejudices beneath the surface, and even causing a collapse in Europe. Trump has identified political correctness as a big problem in America, and a poll has shown that 71% of Americans agree. But does political correctness have a role to play? Do we have a responsibility to change our language when we learn our words are hurtful or exclusive? This coming Sunday, Sept. 25, we will discuss political correctness through the lens of radical welcome.  How can we listen deeply to the voices of folks who are marginalized and learn to speak the language of love? But when does it go too far?
We will also host David William Ross, a guitarist, composer, and recording artist with diverse musical sensibilities. Trained in classical music, he has extensive working experience in jazz and popular idioms, often fusing the two in a style that is unique and personal. He has appeared on several contemporary recordings for Navona, Ravello, and Naxos and has performed in venues across the USA from L.A.’s Newman Hall to Baltimore’s Patterson Theatre to Boston’s Jordan Hall and American Repertory Theater. He frequently appears as a solo artist but more often works in chamber groups and jazz combos. He has written music for a variety of instruments and ensembles and often collaborates with visual artists and dance choreographers to create work that is organic and piece specific. He has worked in major studios as a session player and is now beginning to apply the craft to his own work as engineer and producer, creating recordings from the ground up. He has also begun work on several indie and jazz-classical-fusion albums for local area artists. In addition, David serves on the faculty of Fitchburg State, Elm City Music, the Vermont Jazz Center, and Concord Music School where he teaches guitar, improvisation, music theory, and aesthetics. His most recent commercial release for PARMA should appear in the coming year, an album of the guitar works of contemporary composer Georges Raillard.