Funding Love Campaign

Have you been distressed by the increase in hate speech and harassment directed toward Muslims & Jews, people of color and LGBTQ folk?  We invite you to turn hate and fear into love through making a donation to promote Love every time you witness or experience hate on social media or in your daily life. Support the civil rights agency of your choice or click below to make a donation to Fund Love. 100% of Fund Love donations will be divided equally between the Southern Poverty Law Center, which works nationally to monitor hate crimes and promote tolerance; Moral Mondays CT, which works regionally to build coalitions that promote civil rights and racial justice; and the Justice Ministry of the Unitarian Church of Marlborough and Hudson, which supports our local efforts to bear witness for Love, engage in advocacy work, and provide programming that inspires and educates. Contact the church office for information on how to make a donation by cash or check: You can learn more about the organizations we are funding here:,, and

Fund Love