Red Tent ~ What Would Wonder Woman Do? 9/30

Red Tent

The Red Tent movement is inspired by Anita Diamant’s fictional story, The Red Tent, and supports women in reclaiming the gifts of community. In this special series, we gather together to co-create intimate, woman-centered, secular Safe Space in which to share stories, wisdom, laughter, connection, and inspiration. We practice and receive Deep Listening that we may be present with and share our Authentic Selves.

“WWWWD: What Would Wonder Woman Do?” is our first gathering in this year’s series. As we create conversation and reflection surrounding the concept of Purpose, we’ll have some fun drawing inspiration from one of our culture’s most popular female icons: Wonder Woman. She’s been a role model for some of us for decades! Her recent cinematic reboot gives us a character that inspires authenticity, compassion, justice, purity of intent, and a fresh new perspective on the dominant paradigm.

The Red Tent series are created for adults and mature teens. Please dress comfortably and bring a snack to share.

Led by Nancy Rogers, Katrina Graham, and Kim Roche.
$7 fee, no registration required.

Please visit our website at to view our full Fall 2017 Spiritual Growth and Community Center Catalog, along with further information on our upcoming Red Tent events (see pages 10-11).