Sunday, 10/22 ~ #PresentPerfect National Campaign and Combating Ableism Workshop

PresentPerfect#PresentPerfect National Campaign

Welcome and Anti-bullying,
Multi-generational Service ~ 10:30am

Combating Ableism Workshop ~ 1-3pm

Join this national movement to build awareness and promote anti-bullying across the country, especially within the LGBTQ community.

In the afternoon workshop, learn how to combat -isms of all kinds. Ableism is beliefs/actions that place inferior worth on people who have developmental, emotional, physical, or psychiatric disabilities. In this workshop, learn about (in)appropriate ways to interact with people with a variety of disabilities. In a safe community, find out what is supportive or hurtful to say or do when interacting with someone who has a disability (seen and unseen). Explore ways to sincerely help and advocate for your friends and family members with disabilities.

All are welcome at UCMH!