Sunday, 4/8 ~ Safe Risk, Exploring an Oxymoron

Safe Risk

Diving in head first might be a great idea …
unless the water is only 2 feet deep.

The risks we take can lead us into deeper intimacy, challenge us to discover our strength, and create exciting new possibilities in our lives. On the other hand, if we aren’t thoughtful about our risks, they can also lead us into danger. Are there things we can do to create a “safe container” for our risks?

In this worship service Rev. Alice will use poems, readings, meditations, and music to reflect upon risk and vulnerability in our lives.

Special activities also are available for youth each Sunday. We share special stories, wonderings, activities, and art projects based on the theme of the service that age-appropriate and engaging for youth of all ages.

All are welcome at UCMH ~ please join us for inspiration at our 10:30am service!