Thank You for “Lighting the Way!”


Thank you for your generous support of UCMH’s community-building, Light the Way Campaign.  Because of you, we exceeded our pledge goal of $45,000!

The latest pledge numbers for the church year 2018-19 include 30 pledging households for a total of $51,464.  This amount represents a 20% increase from last year’s contributions and 15% higher than our original goal!

Of these:

  • 6 are new pledges
  • 14 are increases of 20% to 99%
  • 3 are increases of 100% or more


For more than 150 years, UCMH has stood in the center of Hudson as a beacon of love and justice, welcoming thousands of men, women, and children through our doors.

In response to the evils of the slave trade, our ancestors worked to Light the Way toward Freedom and Equality. With a commitment to individual freedom of conscience, they built a pulpit where difficult truths could be spoken. Since that time, each generation of church members has responded to the issues of their day as Bearers of Light in times of darkness.

Today we offer dozens of programs through the Spiritual Growth and Community Center that provide opportunities to build community, learn new skills, engage in service and justice work, and deepen in our spiritual practices.

Thanks to you, our congregation offers diverse programs such as inspirational book groups, film screenings, drumming, healing circles, women’s Red Tents, yoga, English country dance, Sessions Open Mic & Coffee House, pub theology, teen gatherings, and more.  Our worship services feature special guests such as National Poetry Champion, Regie Gibson; harpist, Felice Pomeranz, for a magical Christmas Eve celebration; and budding speakers who blossom in the spiritual community.

In this way, our “small but mighty” congregation is regularly serving hundreds of individuals in our larger community as we work to transform our lives and our world with love.

Your generous financial support “Lights the Way” for many years to come.

In times of despair, we will Light the Way with Hope. In the face of poverty, racism, or oppression, we will Light the Way with Justice. For every person who is marginalized or feels alone, we will Light the Way with Love. Together we can light the way to a bright future for this congregation and our world.

Some thoughts from our parishioners:

“I am constantly inspired by the thoughts and actions of my fellow UCMH congregants. I truly believe that every person in our pews is, in their own way, actively working toward making the world a better place.” —Elisa

“UCMH makes my heart whole. I wouldn’t be as happy as I am today if I hadn’t discovered how beautiful Unitarian Universalism is through our church.” —Grace, Youth Member

“I don’t come here very often but thank God you are here!” —Periodic Visitor to UCMH