August 12 ~ Change with Diane DeFranzo ~ 10:30am

Copyright Scott Nelson 2011

with Diane DeFranzo
Graduate of Preaching for Parishioners

Change—sometimes good, sometimes not, but always happening.  How we react and respond to the bad changes will ultimately define the course of our lives, and among the greatest challenges is making sure we don’t react out of fear, which is seldom the right response.  How can we deal with the changes in our lives, while living out our responsibilities as people of faith and compassion?

Diane DeFranzo has been a member of UCMH since 1996 and has served on numerous committees, including a four-year stint as president of the Executive Board.  She cherishes UCMH for the friendship, fellowship, and the opportunity to follow one’s own spiritual path, so that the learning never stops.

Music is provided by Pianist, Aidan Slate, who studies classical and jazz with teachers and directors in the area.  This will be his fourth summer providing accompaniment for services at UCMH.

Takes place at UCMH, 10:30am.
Everyone is welcome!