Sunday, March 24 ~ The Hero/Heroine Journey is Our Story, Too

We continue this month’s theme on Journey and are joined by special guest, Elisa Davy Pearmain, who presents, The Hero/Heroine Journey is Our Story, Too.

Renowned American mythologist, writer, and lecturer, Joseph Campbell, said the hero stories from every culture have stood the test of time “because they are the ones worth telling.” Their narrative frame so aptly describes the human story. They give us hope, and provide a handrail through hard times. Elisa will share a few hero/heroine’s journey stories and some insights into how we can make the most of our own journeys.

Youth activities are available for children of all ages in UCMH’s Union Hall.

The service begins at 10:30am ~
Join us afterwards for coffee, refreshments, and fellowship in our Worship Cafe.

Everyone is welcome at UCMH!