Sunday, May 26 ~ Strawberry Fields with Special Guest Speaker, Brian Snow ~ 10:30am

Wild Strawberry

This Sunday, UCMH welcomes Brian Snow, our special guest speaker who presents, Strawberry Fields. 

“This month’s theme of curiosity reminds me of the lyrics to an old Beatles song, Strawberry Fields:  ‘living is easy with eyes closed, it’s understanding all you see,'” said Brian.

“We can paraphrase this song as living is easy with minds closed — it’s understanding all we learn, or, living is easy with hearts closed — it’s understanding what we love,” he added.

“I think curiosity is the first step to understanding.  I invite us to explore how we can apply the monthly theme of curiosity to ourselves by inviting us to take a look at what it is that makes us come alive spiritually and emotionally.”

Brian suggests the following questions to help get started:

  • What do we google or read about when we do not have a reading list?
  • When the radio or television is on in the background,
    what are the words songs or stories that immediately capture our attention?
  • When we open up the newspaper what is the first thing we look for?
  • When we venture outside, what are the sights or road signs that capture our attention?
  • What makes us light up with joy?

Brian looks forward to being with you on Sunday May 26 as we extend our curiosity to ourselves ~
We hope you can join us for this special and inspiring presentation.

As always, UCMH offers coffee, tea, refreshments, and fellowship following each service.

Peace and Blessings, and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

About Brian Snow
Brian Snow is a pulpit supply minister who presented at UCMH in October 2018.  He currently is a Candidate for Ministerial Fellowship with the UUA, as well as an interfaith chaplain for a D’Youville Life and Wellness Community, a nursing care organization that provides everything from senior independent living to total memory care.  D’Youville also provides assisted living, as well as post-acute care and rehabilitation.  Before living in Massachusetts, Brian lived Lancaster, PA where he graduated from the Lancaster Theological Seminary.  Brian also is a musician and father of two brilliant and conscientious teenagers ages 16 and 14.