Sunday, June 9 ~ A Day of Celebration ~ 10:30am







A Day of Celebration ~
Youth Religious Exploration,
Baby Dedication, and Annual Church Birthday Party

Join us this Sunday as we host three celebrations—our Religious Exploration Program, a Baby Dedication, and our Annual Church Birthday Party!

Each June, UCMH hosts a special year-end service to celebrate our youth from the Religious Exploration Program.  Participants will share meaningful stories and activities based upon the themes they explored throughout the year.

Our joyful day also includes a warm welcome to Eric, the newest addition to our community, with a Baby Dedication.

Please join us after the service, as we host our Annual Church Birthday Party to wish each other a collective Happy Birthday in our Worship Café.  Wait until you see our amazing assortment of cakes.  Our motto for the day will be “Eat cake and be merry!” : )

All are welcome to participate!