Sunday, 9/15 ~ Multigenerational Worship Explorations: “Expectation” ~ 10:30am

“I would love to live like a river flows,
carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”

—John O’Donohue

Each month, UCMH offers special multigenerational worship explorations based on our ministerial themes.

Together we’ll enjoy an abbreviated worship service followed by the opportunity to explore the theme in depth with an assortment of interactive learning modalities. Participants may choose between discussion-oriented covenant groups, practice-oriented spiritual disciplines, and creative experiences such as dance, music, or art.

Our ministerial theme for September is Expectation, where we feature the various explorations below:

Spiritual Practice—
Healing Circle
Join Kim Roche for a healing circle focused on releasing unhelpful expectations. Participants will experience a drumbeat nature meditation and a chakra meditation that promote well-being. Located in the Knight Room, through the doors at the front of the Sanctuary and across the hall.

Creative Expression—
Collage Vision Boards
Create a motivational collage with pictures that represent your vision for your future. No artistic ability or experience required — just dreams. Led by Ruth Hanlon in Union Hall, directly underneath the Sanctuary — you can use the doors on either end of the Sanctuary and go downstairs.

Kinesthetic Exploration—
Group Games
Are there benefits in creating shared expectations? What happens when things don’t go the way we expect them to? Join Cynthia Menard for fun, interactive games that explore these questions and more. Located in the religious education classrooms. Go to the back of the Sanctuary and down the stairs to the first classroom on your right.

Exploration in Dialogue—
Sharing Circles
Rev. Alice Anacheka-Nasemann will lead a structured conversation on questions like:
Has life ever upended your expectations? What did you learn? How have other people’s expectations of you been a blessing or a challenge? Located in the Alice Hart classroom. Go to the back of the Sanctuary and down the stairs to the 2nd door on your left.

Additional Upcoming Dates:  
October 6
November 3
December 1
January 5

Donations appreciated

UCMH Sanctuary and other rooms

Join us after the explorations for coffee, tea, refreshments, and fellowship in our Worship Cafe.

Everyone is welcome to participate ~ please feel free to bring a guest!