Sunday, 10/6 ~ Multigenerational Explorations: Belonging ~ 10:30am-12pm

Fall Foliage -- Trees with Water

“May the frames of your belonging be large enough
for the dreams of your soul.”
~ John O’Donohue

Our theme for the month of October is belonging. This morning we will explore that theme in more depth using different learning modalities.

Spiritual Practice:  Journaling
Join Elisa Abatsis for a brief meditation focused on places where we feel a deep sense of belonging, followed by deeper reflection through journaling. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss and share their journal writings and/or experiences with the exercise. Located in the Alice Hart classroom. Go to the back of the Sanctuary and down the stairs to the 2nd door on your left.

Creative Expression:  Group Mural
Join Jennifer Rambridge and other members of our community in exploring what it means to belong through creating a group mural with acrylic paints on paper. This group will meet in classroom 2. Go down the stairs at the back of the Sanctuary to the 2nd door on your left.

Exploration through Movement:  Shake Your Soul Yoga Dance
Combine the mindfulness of yoga with the joy of dance in an intro to Shake Your Soul Yoga Dance with Rev. Alice. With guided movements and playful interactions we will experience what it means to belong within our own bodies and within a community of dancers. No experience necessary, all levels of fitness are welcome.  Located in Union Hall, directly underneath the Sanctuary. Go through the doors at either end of the Sanctuary and down the stairs.

Exploration in Dialogue:  Sharing Circles
Cynthia Menard will lead participants in a structured conversation on questions such as:  Have you ever had an immediate sense of belonging or welcome in a group?  If so, what made that happen?  Have you ever had to sacrifice belonging for integrity?  Located in the Knight Room, through the doors at the front of the Sanctuary and across the hall.

Please Note ~ The service takes place from 10:30am-12pm.  Join us afterwards for coffee, tea, refreshments, and fellowship in our Worship Cafe.  Everyone is welcome to participate!