Sunday, December 29 ~ Sunday Morning Jazz Brunch ~ 10:30am

Scones -- Sunday Morning Jazz Brunch

Join us this Sunday for a festive and relaxed jazz brunch as we transition from this year and usher in the new.  This is a fun, literally upbeat, and collaborative pot-luck event, so please bring whatever your heart fancies and you think will be enjoyed by others, as well.

We will be serenaded with the amazing, cool jazz sounds of the Scorched Oil Jazz Duo — Aidan and Nolan Slate.

Everyone is welcome to celebrate with us!  Takes place in UCMH’s Union Hall.

Please let us know what you would like to bring with our online sign-up sheet. 

Visit to search for this event. 

Look for FIND on the home page and enter Neal (Coordinator Last Name) and Jazzy (Password) and you’re in!