Sunday, January 19 ~ “When You Sing”

Jennie MulqueenThis Sunday we welcome special guest, Jennie Mulqueen, who presents, “When You Sing.”

There is a well known trope that when you sing, you pray twice (St. Augustine).

But what qualifies a song as a prayer? Moreover, how might we adopt singing as an embodied spiritual practice within our UU tradition?

Join us for a service of reflection on the power of song to cultivate light in all the seasons of our journey.

About Jennie Mulqueen
Describing herself as a Universalist Mystic, Jennie comes to ministry as a professional song leader. She graduated from Boston University School of Theology in 2017 and is currently focused on palliative care chaplaincy. As founder of Woman Song and the fledgling nonprofit Village Song, Jennie’s ministry aspires to lift the spirit of community singing as a source of healing in our aching world. Jennie lives in Milton, MA with her two teenagers Sophie and Atticus and their beloved cat Audrey.

Takes place at 10:30am.
Please join us after the service for coffee, tea, refreshments, and fellowship in our Worship Cafe ~ Everyone is welcome at UCMH!