Sunday, January 5 ~ “Integrity” Multigenerational Worship Service


Join us for our monthly multigenerational exploration of our ministerial theme. Together we’ll enjoy an abbreviated worship service that will be followed by the opportunity to explore the theme in more depth using different learning modalities. Participants will choose between discussion oriented covenant groups, practice oriented spiritual disciplines, and creative experiences such as dance, music or art.

This month’s theme is Integrity.  Select from one of the activities below:

Scruples Panel: What Would You Do?
When faced with challenging situations or decisions, how do we respond with integrity? Join us for a lively discussion as Rev. Alice asks questions from the game Scruples to a panel of members: Johanna Ambrosio-LaPlante, Sheila Herron, Josh Kirch, and Katie Pekarovich. Located in the Sanctuary.

Group Games
How does it feel when the rules aren’t fair? How can we adapt unfair situations to make them more fair? Join Cynthia Menard for community building group games that explore integrity through the lens of fairness. Located in Union Hall, directly underneath the Sanctuary — you can use the doors on either end of the Sanctuary and go downstairs

Healing Ritual
One aspect of integrity is repairing the breaches that occur in our relationships when we hurt one another or fall out of integrity. Join Kim Roche in a forgiveness ritual based on a Ho’oponopono technique that releases energy and brings healing and peace regardless of what side of forgiveness we are on.  Located in the Knight Room, through the doors at the front of the Sanctuary and across the hall.

Takes place from 10:30am-12pm.
Please join us after the service for coffee, tea, refreshments, and fellowship in our Worship Cafe.
Everyone is welcome to participate!