Fri, 11/20 ~ Women’s Web Tent: Curiosity ~ 7pm

Women's Web Tent - Curiosity
The Red Tent movement is inspired by Anita Diamant’s fictional story, The Red Tent, and supports women in reclaiming the gifts of community as we gather together to co-create safe, woman-centered, restorative, inclusive community. Here in Hudson, MA, we have created and facilitated such a space for over 9 years!
And we are continuing this work online, during the coronavirus crisis, by creating that same Safe Space in which we enter times of sharing around a theme inspired by our Red Tent sisters.  This week’s theme is “Curiosity.
Curiosity is simply defined as a strong desire to know or learn something. The National Institutes of Health states that Curiosity is such a basic component of our nature that we are nearly oblivious to its pervasiveness in our lives; we constantly seek information and experiences on all levels. But Curiosity also gives us a Reason to Be, the desire to keep seeking, questing, learning, journeying. It fuels our imaginations. Curiosity is the energy behind mystery. Inquisitiveness is dynamic: we often find that the more we learn about something, the more curious we are. It’s always there for us, keeping our journeys vibrant and energizing. We each have a story to tell; I’m curious to hear what yours is. You are invited!
To make this as restorative a space as possible, feel free to join us surrounded by any items that bring you comfort.
I’d also like you to please bring a small item that speaks to you of the fabulosity that is Woman. It could be a goddess statue, a crystal, a lovely apple, anything you’re inspired to bring.
This Tent is created for adult women and mature female teens (reminder: Trans sisters, this is YOUR Tent, too!) Feel free to share this invite!!!
No admission will be collected for our WEB Tents. If you are inspired and able (we all recognize this can be a very financially trying time), donations to continue the work of the SGCC — including this Red Tent — would be gratefully received! Here’s the link; thank you!!!
Or feel free to mail a check to:
Unitarian Church of Marlborough and Hudson
Make payable to: UCMH
(Please indicate that this is for Web Tent)
P.O. Box 176
Hudson, MA 01749
We hold confidentiality to be sacred; that being said, this is the Internet, so please keep in mind the limits of true confidentiality and anonymity when you are attending/speaking. I will NOT be recording this event; I request the same of our Tent sisters in attendance.
Can’t wait to see you Thursday. Peace, love, health and safety, all!