Saturday, July 10 ~ *In-Person* Women’s Red Tent: We Gather Together Once Again! ~ 1-6pm

Women's Red Tent -- We Gather Together Once Again
Women’s Red Tent ~
“We Gather Together Once Again!”

Saturday July 10, 2021

**In-Person Hudson MA Red Tent!!!**

Dearest Web Tent and Red Tent Sisters:
With much gratitude and enthusiasm, we invite our women’s community to please join us on Saturday July 10 from 1:00 to 6:00 to co-create OUR FIRST IN-PERSON RED TENT in a year and half! We are so happy to gather together once again in all the goodness of Safe WomanSpace, to spend time sharing our stories and our wisdom, avail ourselves of lovely indoor and outdoor spaces in which to socialize and connect and replenish, with the opportunity to simply enjoy laughter and fabulous snacks. We can’t wait!
ZOOM sisters: we will try to work out a way to make a Zoom presence happen. We will keep you posted in hopes that if you aren’t able to join us live, you will be able to log on so we can be together. Please stay tuned.
Some of you have been able to join us at our big, beautiful Red Tent in Hudson. However, for this event, we have decided to try out a new location. Several miles from our usual space, our site features an air conditioned main meeting hall and plenty of beautiful outdoor spaces (weather permitting, there will even be a wooded labyrinth walk if you choose to participate). Therefore, **RSVPs ARE MANDATORY**. Please send your reply to with # of guests, comfort level at sitting closer than 6′ (we may need to cap the # of guests, arrange multiple rows, etc.) and the best way to contact you, either email or PM, so we can send you further details on the site: address, parking, what to bring, etc.
Your Tent Goddesses want this event to be inclusive and appropriate for our Tent sisters in attendance.
– This will be an indoor space. Our site follows the CDC’s latest decision, which is that it’s permissible for fully vaccinated guests to be in the room unmasked. That being said, if you are more comfortable keeping a mask on, please do! FYI your Tent facilitators are prepared to flex with the needs/consent of the group.
– If you are not vaccinated, you are welcome! We will work to create 6′ of space around guests who request it, and offer to have masked guests on either side of those who feel more comfortable this way while we are indoors. When you RSVP, please let Nan know so we can arrange our seating so you feel comfortable.
– We request that all guests please bring a mask just in case circumstances call for it (i.e. to wear a mask in the bathrooms where distancing isn’t possible should we have immunovulnerable guests).
– For the sharing of food, bathrooms, etc.: we encourage continuing with good health and safety practices i.e. hand washing, using your own utensils for handling food, etc. We will provide disposable gloves for those who wish to use them. If you’d like to take that Next Step in safety practices, bringing individually-wrapped snacks is a bonus!
Many thanks in advance for your love and compassion and for helping us continue to co-create Safe Space, in all ways.
If you are able to share $10 to cover event expenses and to make a donation to our site hosts, it would be greatly appreciated! (But we know times can be rough financially; any contribution will do, we want you to join us!)
You may be familiar with author Anita Diamant’s book “The Red Tent.”  It is a story of the culture of historic nomadic women who shared all elements of Life under one living space; the arrival of a woman’s First Blood was the rite-of-passage which welcomed her into the Red Tent, and hence her lifelong community of women. Under the Red Tent, women lived, healed, gave birth, resolved conflicts, and shared their stories that they might not be forgotten.
The Red Tent Temple movement, created by ALisa Starkweather in 2007 and inspired by the book, supports women in reclaiming the gifts of community as we gather together to co-create safe, woman-centered, restorative, inclusive Space. And when women come together in community, we also reconnect with our own selves, which is critical, as many forces over the centuries have sought to pull us apart from one another and from our own personal agency.
The Hudson, MA Red Tent Goddesses have been running women’s Red Tent events for over a decade through the Spiritual Growth and Community Center of the Hudson, MA UU church. We come together as a global community of women, of all faiths, lifestyles, economic statuses, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. During the coronavirus crisis we continued to create that same Safe Space on Zoom; our women’s WEB Tent has provided some much-needed connection during these difficult times, helping to keep our community grounded while in the midst of isolation and uncertainty.
This Tent is created for adult women and mature female teens (Trans sisters, this is YOUR Tent, too!) at all ages and stages in our womb journeys.
Feel free to contact Nan at
Come, let’s gather together again inside the Red Tent, in Safe Space, where we can participate in Deep Listening, be ourselves, and Share Our Stories. You are invited