Sunday Worship: January 22 ~ Finding Our Center: Reflections in Rhythm ~ 10:30 a.m.

Dave Curry - photo credit Holly Eden Morrow - used with permission - edited to add textSunday, January 22

Finding Our Center: Reflections in Rhythm 

Led by Dave Curry

There are many practices that can help people become grounded and centered, such as meditation or yoga or walking in Nature.  Dave Curry approaches the act of centering through drumming and rhythm.  Like chanting a mantra, rhythmic drumming can be used as a form of meditation, because the repetition – combined with mindfulness and intention – helps to quiet the mind and bring a sense of calmness.  So not only can drumming help to center an individual, but it is also a powerful tool for centering groups of people who share a common intention.  And through the act of group drumming, the shared experience can foster solidarity and connection.  By repeating the experience at regular intervals, the expanded rhythm creates a new center… a community.

This special, interactive service will be held downstairs in Union Hall.

davecurry_smallDave Curry is the creator of Drums For One & All, which includes facilitating public events, giving workshops, teaching private lessons, giving live performances, and doing drum repairs.  Every month, Dave has lead the popular FreeDrum event since 2001, and the SpiritDrum event since 2006.  Dave is co-creator and organizer for the Eastern Mass Rhythm Festival, which is entering its 19th season.  Dave is the author of two books on hand drumming, and has taught drum classes at the Assabet school since 2009.  Dave is the creative director of the Drum Nomads performance ensemble.  For the past 23 years, Dave has lead well over a thousand drumming events at schools, churches, colleges, retreat centers, libraries and other institutions across New England.