Sunday, May 19 ~ Flower Communion ~ 10:30 a.m.

hugo-kruip-ckyGhu5efWU-unsplashSunday, May 19

Flower Communion

With Rev. Alice Anacheka-Nasemann

This Sunday we celebrate community using the metaphor of a bouquet of flowers. Each person brings a unique gift to share, creating a beautiful whole that is strengthened by diversity. Together we become a field ablaze. 

Please bring a flower on its stem to contribute to our flower communion ritual.

This morning we also have the joy of honoring membership anniversaries for Elisa Abatsis, Richard Batten, Sharon Batten, Ruth Hanlon, Josh Kirch, Matt Neal and Kaden Pekarovich. 

“The plant people have taught me to be generous and not be shy about blossoming, that it is our nature. I think when others see us, it can inspire them to open up and blossom too and we can be a field ablaze with dignity and beauty together.”

—Brenda Salgado