Sunday, 10/22 ~ #PresentPerfect National Campaign and Combating Ableism Workshop

PresentPerfect#PresentPerfect National Campaign

Welcome and Anti-bullying,
Multi-generational Service ~ 10:30am

Combating Ableism Workshop ~ 1-3pm

Join this national movement to build awareness and promote anti-bullying across the country, especially within the LGBTQ community.

In the afternoon workshop, learn how to combat -isms of all kinds. Ableism is beliefs/actions that place inferior worth on people who have   [ … ]

Saturday, 10/21 ~ English Dancing, 7-8pm

Pride and PrejudiceEnglish dancing is a wonderful form of social dancing, originally created in the 17th century in the British Isles. You may have noticed English dancing in movies such as Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” or “Sense and Sensibility.”

As a social form of dance, there is lots of interaction between dancers so it’s a great way
  [ … ]

Saturday, 10/21 ~ Healing Circle, 10am-12pm

Healing CircleEach circle, we will explore and share various healing techniques and modalities for self-care and healing others.

All are welcome to join us for Chakra & Element balancing, Shamanic Journey, Yogic breath work, Buddhist meditation and all aspects of Energy Healing.

Each circle will be closed by sending a group healing to those in need.

Led   [ … ]

Sunday, 10/15 ~ Immigration and Special Musical Guests, Jim Dalton and Maggi Smith-Dalton!

Laura Wagner, MSW

This Sunday, Rev. Alice and Laura Wagner, MSW, Executive Director, Unitarian Universalist Mass Action Network, are pleased to present a special worship service on immigration and stories of hope.

A workshop also will be held after the service to talk about local immigration efforts and ways people can get involved.


At the center of any   [ … ]

Sunday, 10/8 ~ Mary Trainor-Brigham and Gordon Michaels


Mary Trainor-Brigham
Gordon Michaels
Special Worship Service with Mary Trainor-Brigham and Renowned Vocalist, Gordon Michaels!

This Sunday, Rev. Mary Trainor-Brigham is pleased to present IDLE NO MORE: Cultivating Your Inner Archangel of Resistance.

Her sermon invites you to realize that the best preparation for conflict stems not through a preoccupation with your enemy or target of resistance, but with

  [ … ]

Sunday, October 1 ~ Resist Drama!

Resist Drama as You Practice Effective and Respectful Communication
Sunday, October 1 ~ 6:30-8:30pm

It seems as though drama is everywhere in our society. In this helpful workshop, learn the discoveries of social sciences to resist conflict and communicate more effectively in your relationships.

From NVC (non-violent communication) to Myers-Briggs, join us for an exploration of

  [ … ]