On 4 July we held a closing ceremony for the Field of Flags exhibit. It was very short but it did include two readings written by our minister, Rev. Stephen Shick. We also read the names of the fallen since the Field of Flags went up on 1 June. This was intended to be a symbolic reading to represent all the fallen. It has been estimated that to read the entire list would take about 5 hours at this time. There were 4,674 flags taken down later that day.

After our closing ceremony two people came forward to tell us how important this exhibit was to them as they had lost someone in these wars. Garrett Dupre, of Troop 235 in Hudson, who also help set up the flags, asked for a flag to send to the family of Charles Luke Milam, of Colorado a Marine Paramedic who lost his life in Afghanistan in September 2007. Mr. Dupre has a special friendship with that family. Also Marge Thomas of Hudson asked that we mention her relative Carlton Clark, a Marine from Vermont. Thanks to both of you for bringing these special names to our attention so that they could be included on our web site.

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