A Unitarian Universalist Welcoming Congregation


by ucmhadmin
Tuesday December 28, 2010 at 10:01 am

Come and sing along with our choir. We love to listen to this group of folks. They have a wonderful sound. Come and hear them this Sunday.

Director of Music: Marjorie Mitchell

Email: Music@UCMH.org

I was born into a musical family of long-standing Methodists in Long Beach, California. Within the church I remember cherub choirs, children’s choirs and many programs for teenagers. Most especially I recall our six-foot, seven-inch choir director — to a little kid, it looked like God himself was commanding us to sing.

Every Saturday morning the choir director challenged us to pay attention, learn music and sing. We loved it. On Sundays, all eyes were on him. In his long blue robe he waved his arms, gathered us in and helped us to experience a worshipful moment through song. I was hooked.

Having played the piano since the age of three and the marimba since the age of nine, I studied music and psychology and took organ lessons at Whittier College. I earned two credentials in education and later, in Boston, a Masters in education from Wheelock College. In 1999 I retired after 31 years of teaching mostly first grade.

Along the way I have sung with many choral groups, played the organ and directed music. My mind is constantly providing me with music, which is a great source of pleasure to me. I’m certain that others have the same experience, enjoying music and letting it become a part of them.

Musical suggestions are always welcome, whether thematic, special music or hymns. My philosophy is that all music can be a religious or spiritual experience if it is offered within the appropriate context or segment of the service.

Come – let us make a joyful noise.

- Marjorie