What Food You Bring: (1) Your choice: From simple finger food (mainly crackers) to more elaborate (fruit, veggies, cookies, and/or quick breads, sweet muffins, brownies) and (2) a quart of Half and Half coffee creamer.

Starting Time: Be at church by 9:45 AM to allow sufficient time for set up.

Fill the labeled Coffee and Tea Water Pots with water and plug in:

(No paper filters are necessary. Power cords are in the drawer below the Pots.)

– Regular Coffee pot – Fill to the 30 cup mark; put 16 scoops of coffee in basket. Use the outlet behind the microwave stove for both coffeepots.

– Decaf Coffee pot – Fill to about the 15 cup mark; put 8 scoops of Decaf coffee in basket. Again, use the outlet behind the microwave stove.

– Hot Water pot – Fill to about the 15 cup mark. Use outlet left of refrigerator.

NOTE: Allow 30 minutes for coffee to perk. After unplugging to take into Assembly Hall, pots will stay hot for about an hour. Also, Holiday Sundays or evening events may require increased quantities (especially Decaf coffee).

Early Set Up, using three tables in Assembly Hall (one for children’s food and drink; one for adult food, and one for adult coffee and tea water pots):

– Put on table cloths (located behind the Pantry door to Assembly Hall, in the lower cubbyhole).

– From the Pantry, place and arrange the following on the respective table:

  • Stack four or five trays of clean coffee cups;
  • Stirring spoons (place the handles upright, in a glass);
  • Two sugar bowls – (1) regular sugar and spoon; (2) sugar substitute packets;
  • Bowl with variety of tea bags, including “regular” tea;
  • Several small plates for used coffee spoons, and
  • Paper napkins.

– Place two waste cans in plain sight off to the side, not under a table, hidden by the tablecloth.

Just before church service ends (about 11:45 AM), place on the appropriate tables:

(1) Three urns – Hot water urn on the left. Regular coffee urn in the middle. Decaf coffee urn on the right – plates to catch drips, pitcher of Half and Half,

(2) Pitcher of juice from refrigerator for children and small cups, and

(3) The finger food you’ve brought .

Start Cleanup when the crowd lessens, removing dirty dishes to the kitchen sink. Make sure everything that’s been used is either washed or appropriately put away.

Low Supplies – If church-provided supplies appear low [i.e., sugar, coffee, tea, napkins], write a note on the bulletin board, on the left side of the kitchen hallway to Assembly Hall.

Oven – If you must use the oven or top burners, you have to turn on the gas, using the gas valve handle that’s located on the left side, rear of the stove.

Remember to turn OFF the valve when you’re done, so that children can not turn on the gas burners or oven (i.e., serious dangers of explosion and/or fire).

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