A Unitarian Universalist Welcoming Congregation

Children’s Ministry Programs 2012-2013

by Associate Minister
Thursday September 6, 2012 at 10:57 am

Our religious education program runs concurrently with the Sunday worship service (10:30-11:30 a.m.) and ends at 11:45. All classes are free and open to the public.

First Steps of Faith
For ages 0-5

Our youngest children are gently introduced to being part of a church community by our caregivers. With stories, simple crafts and activities, peaceful music, and plenty of hugs, infants, toddlers and preschoolers build trust and learn that they are loved, the first steps in faith development.

Service is Our Prayer
For ages 6-11

Every Sunday our congregation recites a unison affirmation which includes the phrase, “service is our prayer.” This year, children ages 6-11 will explore what it means to translate our beliefs and values into action in our world within a spiritual context. Using the book, Kids Make it Better: A Write-in, Draw-in Journal, by local author Suzie Becker, the kids will first envision the world they wish to live in, and then will be empowered as agents of change as they are lovingly guided through a process of selecting and engaging in justice and service projects both locally and around the world. With each project they participate in, registered children will receive a badge representing one of our Unitarian Universalist Principles & Purposes (see page 17.) Understanding service as a form of prayer that is best supported by a strong spiritual core, children in this class will also explore various spiritual disciplines such as yoga, meditation, and prayer. Through story, ritual, spiritual practices, and hands-on projects, service will truly be our prayer.

Youth Group: Coming of Age
For ages 12-15

The teenage years are a time of rapid physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual maturation. This year our 12-15 year olds will participate in a Coming of Age program designed to help youth explore in depth what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist. Activities and discussions will challenge participants to engage difficult questions and begin to formulate their own credos. Interactions with varying members of the congregation and mentors who will work with them closely over the year will allow them to see many different ways adults experience and express Unitarian Universalist identity. Joining together with youth from the Upton/Grafton and Westboro congregations for a ropes challenge course, a historical field trip to Boston, and an overnight service project, our teens will have the opportunity to build community as they experience the larger Unitarian Universalist denomination. In addition to their Coming of Age activities, the Youth Group will also participate in many service projects alongside the Service is Our Prayer class. The year will culminate in the opportunity for the youth to prepare and lead a Sunday morning worship service.