Multigenerational Programs  – Connecting the Generations


“The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won’t wait while you do the work.”

~ Patricia Clafford


The most important ingredient of any religious community is the love and support of many people. Roberta Altamari, our Director of Lifelong Learning, recently completed a research fellowship through the Fahs Collaborative at Meadville Lombard Theological School during which she discovered that the most important ingredient of a healthy “youth ministry” is “relationships with adults”.  Being a “youth ally” or a “spiritual coach” is a priceless and mutually beneficial “gift” an adult can give to a teenager.


It is essential to the spiritual development of all members at the Unitarian Church of Marlborough and Hudson to foster a loving connection between people of all ages. In that regard, we seek positive opportunities to connect our members across the generations. In addition to having everyone join together for the first portion of our Sunday worship services, we will plan other special opportunities for being together. These will include:


Special Multigenerational Worship Services:

Once a month (and more frequently during the winter holiday season and at the end of the church year), our Sunday worship service is created for our entire community. We have special stories, activities, and music that spiritually engage people of all ages. These worship services often also have the opportunity for children, teens, and adults to work together to lead one of the elements of the service.  These are great opportunities for children and adults to enjoy worshiping together.


Multigenerational Events and Programs

Stay tuned to our weekly announcements in our newsletter (called “Tidings”), emails, and Facebook posts for news about great multigenerational activities, workshops, and classes being planned. Based on the premise that people tend to build friendships based on shared interests, we offer a wide variety of programs that will engage children, teens, and adults alike. In addition to these one-time fun activities, much of what we do at UCMH is open to multigenerational participation.  Our choir (led by our wonderful music Director Carole Graves) and our social justice projects often include folks of all ages.


Let us know what multigenerational activities you would like at UCMH!


“As wonderful and important as our lessons are, the top priority in our religious education programs is building relationships. Our primary curriculum is to create the mutual relationship of love, care, and respect.”

~ Terry Stafford