August 20, “Of Tides, Cycles, and Seasons”

Please join us this Sunday, August 20, as we welcome guest minister, Rev. Mary Trainor-Brigham, who presents “Of Tides, Cycles, and Seasons: Soul-Enchantment via Deeper Engagement with Nature.” The service also is hosted with Worship Associate, Morgan Wilson.

In this service, we will explore how our innate love of Creation, from stars to starfish, reveals an enfolded kinship of potentially-mutual revelation. It shall include Wisdom Teachings from Indigenous Cultures as well as readings from Western Mystics.

Mary Trainor-Brigham has been a Colleague-in-the-Ministry in Northborough and Westborough MA UU Churches and a pulpit guest nationally and internationally. She is also a therapist, workshop facilitator, author of Deep Cinema, and screenplay consultant. She has a Masters degree in Culture & Spirituality which she augmented by seeking out Indigenous mentors worldwide.

Mary Trainor-Brigham