Upcoming June Services

Sunday, June 10, 10:30am
Reflections on Authenticity
In our hetero-normative culture, it is usually assumed that folks will fall into the gender roles we assign to them and develop heterosexual relationships. To live authentically, LGBTQ individuals must take the additional step of correcting the assumptions that others make. In this worship service, members of the congregation will share their experiences of coming out as LGBTQ.
Sunday, June 17, 10:30am
Father’s Day Service
Join us as we bridge one of our teens into emerging adulthood and consider how all of the small, medium, and big transitions in our lives can be a time for reflection, gratitude, and visioning.  With similar regard, we will also honor “fatherly spirit” and the various forms that can bless our lives.  How can we both be and appreciate the spirit of “fatherly love” in our lives?
Sunday, June 24, 10:00am
Annual UUA General Assembly Worship Service

Join us and thousands of Unitarian Universalists around the world at 10am to watch the livestream of the General Assembly Sunday morning worship service.

Please visit the link below for program highlights.

The event is livestreamed from Kansas City, Missouri at 9am Central Time and begins at 10am Eastern Time — a different time than usual.

Enriching activities also are available for kids of all ages each Sunday.

All are welcome at UCMH!