Saturday, February 29 ~ Women’s Red Tent: Resilience!!!

Red Tent

Hudson, MA Red Tent Gatherings:
Celebrating Over 9 Years of Sharing Our Stories
and Creating Community!

The Red Tent movement, inspired by Anita Diamant’s fictional story, The Red Tent, supports women in reclaiming the gifts of community as we gather together to co-create intimate, woman-centered, restorative, secular, confidential Safe Space.  On February 29, we host our Women’s Red Tent:  Resilience!!! and on April 18 we host our All Genders Tent so that we may extend the benefits of gathering together to our greater community.  We practice and receive Deep Listening that we may be present with our Authentic Selves. There’s never an obligation to share: this time is for YOU!  Just come to absorb the loving vibes, if you like.

Women’s Red Tent:  Resilience!!!
Saturday, February 29, 1-5pm

Resilience: that inherent quality in everyone that empowers us when we’re knocked down. It revives us and inspires us to rise!  This is reflected in Women’s life journeys since the dawn of time, and in the climate of today’s global community, it is critical to access this personal resource. Together, in safe WomanSpace, we will have conversations around Resilience so we may build our Resilience Toolkits (Healing and Radical Self-Care included!), share Snacks and Sisterhood, and bask in the Wisdom of Women.  Red Tent is created for adult women (Trans Sisters: this is your Tent, too!) and mature female teens.

Nancy Rogers, Kim Roche, Katrina Graham, Erin Griffin & Jody Zolli

Red Tents are held in UCMH’s Union Hall.
Cost is $7 per person, per event