Through our words and actions, we promise to treat ourselves, each other, our visitors, and our building with kindness, honesty, and respect. We pledge to practice deep listening in a judgment-free manner, and hold each other in love. We honor the diversity of our beliefs and experiences, and we acknowledge the sacred within each of us. We use our individual and communal gifts to strengthen the congregation and better the world.

We strive to…

1. Respect our space, ourselves, and each other.
-We listen to and abide by one another’s physical and emotional boundaries.
-We practice self-care by expressing our individual boundaries and needs when appropriate.
-We respect one another’s personal property; we respectfully care for the building that we share.

2. Be welcoming.
-We welcome and include visitors and newcomers.
-We avoid stereotyping and strive to use inclusive language in all conversations.
-We don’t make assumptions about one another. When we are curious, we ask questions.
-We understand that forming new friendships can be awkward, and we respond to this with humor and kindness.

3. Value joy.
-We give ourselves and each other full permission for silliness and play.
-We respect the hilarity of human existence.
-We laugh with each other, not at each other.

4. Seek open and authentic connection.
– We are honest when speaking with one another, and seek to learn from one another.
-We open our hearts toward others and try to go beyond surface-level conversations.
-We respect and value the diversity of each other’s beliefs, opinions, experiences and perspectives.

5. Be engaged creators of this community.
-We actively use our individual gifts to strengthen the congregation.
-We respect each other’s lives outside of church. It’s okay to be busy.
-We publicize what we’re already doing and invite members of the larger community to join in.
-To the best of our abilities, we take care of each other and the outside world when someone is in need. We are grateful for all that each other has done.

6. Accept that we’re not perfect, and that’s okay.
-We refrain from gossip. When conflict arises, we respond with compassion and respect.
-We acknowledge that living by these promises is not always easy. When we find ourselves drifting away from covenant, we lovingly lead ourselves and one other back to our promise.
-We realize that our covenant is a living document that can be rewritten or expanded depending on the needs and wishes of the congregation.