We covenant to affirm and promote: the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregation and in society at large.

-One of our seven Unitarian Universalist principles.

Executive Board

Elected to two year terms by the congregation, members conduct the business of the church by planning, setting goals, and overseeing the work of the congregation. The Executive Board consists of a president, vice president, treasurer, clerk and up to three other board members. Monthly meetings are open to all members. The Executive Board calls parish meetings and/or special meetings as needed. These meetings are also open to all members.
2017-2018 Board Members:

  • Matt Neal, President
  • Becki Harrington-Davis, Vice President
  • Kim Roche, Treasurer
  • Sharon Batten, Clerk
  • Carien Van Gelder
  • Richard Batten


Takes responsibility for receiving, acknowledging, and recording the pledges, donations, and plate collection income of the church. Must be voting member of the congregation.


Presides at meetings of the parish.


Board of Trustees

Elected by the congregation, Trustees manage, make investment decisions and arrange for disbursements from the church’s invested funds. Must be voting members. Meets as needed, usually twice a year.

Children’s Ministry Team

Works closely with the Associate Minister to plans and implement the children’s education programs of the congregation..

Nominating Committee

Prepares the slate of officers and committee members for the parish to consider at each annual meeting. Meets as needed — generally active between February and April.

Property Committee

Takes responsibility for the care and maintenance of the church buildings and other physical property of the church. Oversees the custodian, also called the sexton. Meets monthly, or more frequently as needed.

Music Committee

Oversees the Director of Music and the guest organist. Consults with Director of Music to provide the music program.


Stewardship Committee

Promotes responsible stewardship among members to support the life and work of the congregation. Takes primary leadership for encouraging financial pledges from members and friends.

Spiritual Growth Center Committee

Plans and implements programs which serve the spiritual needs of the community and the congregation in four areas of interest; Spirit and Practice, Spirit and Community, Spirit and Learning, Spirit and Service.

Worship Group

Provides valued input to the Senior Minister regarding the quality of the Sunday worship service.
The Group meets twice a year and is comprised of Lay Worship Leaders, Greeters, Choir members and interested members of the congregation. All members are welcome at the meetings.