We gather our youth together on Sunday mornings from 10:30 – 11:30 to learn and explore Unitarian Universalism through active, engaging, age-relevant content. Our program is designed to help youth explore and expand their ethical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth as a community that learns and grows together. 

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A Non-Dogmatic Religion and Teachings

UUs have a wide variety of beliefs and practices given that Unitarian Universalism doesn’t dictate what we believe. We know that our actions and words create who we are in the world and that we have the power to change the world through our work. Many UUs use the phrase “Deeds, not Creeds” to describe our spiritual work in the world.

UU RE is also non-dogmatic. We introduce both UU and other faith practices in an experiential – not passive – method using our 7 Principles and our 6 Sources as the lenses through which we explore the world around us.

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Through UCMH’s Religious Education program, our participants will…

  • Develop an awareness of the wonder and mystery of life through experiences that allow participants individual exploration and expression.

  • Develop an understanding of their own inner being, what’s truly important to them, and how to connect with that part of themselves as a source of strength.

  • Learn practices that develop resiliency, mindfulness, and joy; skills that will allow them to navigate life’s transitions and difficulties with confidence.

  • Become fluent with UU practices and theologies, alongside exposure to other world religions’ practices, to help them develop their own UU perspective and identity.

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Have questions, or want to learn more about our youth programming? Contact our Director of Religious Education at: CircleDRE@ucmh.org for more information, or to schedule a visit for your family.