Sunday, 10/29 ~ Samhain, “Summer’s End” Service

Fall FoliageSamhain, which translates from Old Irish as “summer’s end,” is a pagan festival which marks the end of the harvest season. With life falling back in preparation for the winter, the Gaels believed that the border between this world and the other world became thin on Samhain.

In this service we will honor the cycles of life and death and remember our ancestors and loved ones who have died. You are invited to bring items of memorabilia or photographs of loved ones to add to our altar of memory during our service.

We also welcome special guest musician, Cellist Ignacy Gaydamovich, an active soloist, recitalist, teacher, and a chamber musician and the founding member of the Xonor PIano Trio. Ignacy is the principal cellist of the Boston Chamber Orchestra and has received degrees from F. Chopin Music Academy, Texas Christian University, Boston Conservatory, and Longy School of Music. Currently, he is a doctoral candidate at the University of Hartford. Ignacy will feature a fine selection of music for our Samhain service. Learn more at