Sunday, 11/12 ~ We’re Still Standing: Stories of Resilience and Strength

The slogan is true—Life is Good!

But life is also filled with tragedy, trauma, injustice, and pain. This Sunday, four members of the congregation will share their reflections on resilience in times of struggle. We hope you will join us for an inspirational sharing of wisdom gleaned through personal experiences.

We also welcome musical guests—the Ezekiel’s Wheels Klezmer Ensemble—to join our service.

Internationally-recognized klezmer ensemble Ezekiel’s Wheels brings passion, virtuosity, and contagious energy to every performance. The Wheels improvise with the intimacy of chamber music and the intensity of a rowdy dance band. They are equally at home on the stage of the International Jewish Music Festival, where judges heralded them as “a true musical democracy,” as in the classroom, where sixth-grade student Jonathan raised his hand to tell them, “Y’all got swag.”

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Abigale Reisman EWKB (1)Nat Seelen EWKB