July 22 ~ The Alchemy of Aha! with Nan Rogers

Nan Rogers

The Alchemy of Aha!
Transformation in the Moment of Mindfulness
with Nancy “Nan” Rogers

Elusive as it is, Mindfulness is THE crucial element to carving out a life of abundance and authenticity.  And mindfulness sometimes happens not after a lifetime of practice but in those pivotal Aha! moments.  Walk in one person’s shoes as she reflects on her own journey into being more aware.  To help us grow our mindfulness toolbox, we’ll explore best practices for living a more mindful life, some perspectives on Being Awake, and hands-on opportunities to practice being fully present.

Nancy “Nan” Rogers welcomed Unitarian Universalism into her life in 2009.  A graduate of Mount Holyoke College (B.A. Biology/Theater minor), she carved out a career as a Textile CAD Designer.  Equally important to her is her work with UCMH:  she’s passionate about the Spiritual Growth and Community Center, and she “birthed” the Hudson MA Red Tent Women’s Gathering in March 2011, which is still going strong.  A graduate of UCMH’s “Preaching for Parishioners” class, she welcomes the opportunity to craft and deliver sermons.  She is also a Disaster Spiritual Care Volunteer with the American Red Cross.  Her favorite modalities for mindfulness:  belly dance, painting, drumming, photography, and spending time at wildlife refuges.  She is supported and enabled in all her endeavors by her spouse Bob, her four fabulous felines, many friends, and family.  She is highly in favor of laughing as much, and as often, as possible.

Takes place at UCMH, 80 Main Street, Downtown Hudson at 10:30am.

Bring a friend ~ everyone is welcome!