Sunday, 9/22 ~ Great Expectations ~ 10:30am

Darwin Quote for 9.22.2019 Service

“As we release the hold of expectations and disappointments, as we stop trying to live into the imagined life and live the one we have been given, we discover a profound inner freedom to make choices out of love, rather than obligation or resentment.” ~Christine Valters Paintner

The placebo effect has been estimated to have anywhere from a 15%-72% cure rate. Studies have found that telling a teacher they have a very promising group of students results in greater academic success.

On the other hand, Shakespeare tells us “Expectation is the root of all heartache.”

Expectations are powerful … and so is our disappointment when life pulls the rug of expectation out from under us.

This morning Rev. Alice will explore how we can best utilize expectation as a tool while also maintaining flexibility and resilience when our expectations aren’t met.

Please join us for coffee, tea, refreshments, and fellowship after the service.

Everyone is welcome at UCMH!