SGCC: Sunday, December 11 ~ Women’s Red Tent: Exploring Self Care! ~ 1:30-6:00 p.m.

young-woman-lovingly-hugs-herself-and-her-body-love-yourself-vector_copyFacilitated by: Nan Rogers, Jody Zolli, Kim Roche

Date/Time: Sunday Dec. 11, 1:30-6:00pm

Cost: $10 suggested donation

Location: UCMH Union Hall

The Red Tent movement, inspired by Anita Diamant’s fictional story “The Red Tent,” supports women in reclaiming the gifts of community as we gather together to co-create compassionate, woman-centered, restorative, confidential Safe Space. We practice and receive Deep Listening that we may be present with our Authentic Selves, and with one another. There’s never an obligation to share: this time is for YOU! Just come to absorb the loving vibes of fabulous WomanSpace, if you like.

There’s no getting around it: self-care is self-preservation! And it’s different for everyone. One person needs down time; another might need to go seeking adventure. So how do we know what’s right for us?  Many of us are so stressed and disconnected from ourselves that we don’t know what we need. Perhaps it would help if we took some time away in stillness and in connecting with our community of women to help us define what Self-Care looks like for us. This month’s Red Tent will be an amazing opportunity for just this; let us gather together during this holiday season and explore Self-Care, just when we need it the most!

Red Tent is created for adult women (Trans Sisters: this is your Tent, too!) and mature female teens.

Dress comfortably; please feel free to bring a snack to share!

COVID guidelines: masks are optional but we will be socially distancing in a no-walls Tent space.

So that we may preserve the integrity of the Container we create together, and out of courtesy to our Tent Guests, we ask that you kindly adhere to the following guidelines:
– Please be prompt; we will be closing our registration table soon after we begin.
– NO ANIMALS in Tent with the exception of CERTIFIED therapy animals.
– Please be mindful to not overuse high-fragrance products; some attendees are scent-sitive.
– This is a smoke- and substance-free space.
Many thanks for your contributions to making this a Safe and Restorative space for all!


Hudson MA Women’s Red Tent Gatherings The grass roots Red Tent movement, founded in 2007, is a growing social phenomenon which supports today’s women in reclaiming the gifts of community. Women of all ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and life journeys gather together in an intimate, women-centered Safe Space where we can simply Be, and be Ourselves. If you are on a Woman’s path, you are welcome. We here in Hudson have been creating Red Tents for over a decade! Inside a beautiful and restorative physical space, we share stories, food, laughter, connection, inspiration. As one of our Tent Sisters, you will be part of co-creating this rich and restorative Tent experience through enjoying fun activities — Introductions, Step Into The Circle, Meditations, Time of Sharing, etc. — which help us get to know one another better. This enables us to begin to grow connections, within our Women’s community, and within ourselves. Please check in with this FB page for the latest info on upcoming events!


The Spiritual Growth and Community Center is an outreach program of the Unitarian Church of Marlborough and Hudson. We provide high-quality, inspirational programs, classes, and events to awaken peace, joy, love, compassion, personal growth, and creativity.  All programs are open to the community—people of all faiths, including atheists, can participate.

The Spiritual Growth and Community Center is made possible through the generous support of the members and friends of the Unitarian Church of Marlborough and Hudson.