Sunday, January 27 ~ Possibility in Our Lives and Our Relationships with Money ~ 10:30am and 1pm

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Sunday, January 27, 10:30am
Possibility in Our Lives and Relationships with Money
with Kerry Cudmore and Maria Yunis

We continue this month’s theme of Possibility with a presentation and workshop about our relationships with money.

Special guests Kerry Cudmore and Maria Yunis will join our service and present, Money:  Moving Past Shame and Taboos, where Kerry share’s her personal journey with money.

Following the service they will provide a free workshop, A New Relationship with Money, from 1-2:30pm to explore the concepts further.

The workshop also is an introduction to a larger workshop called Spiritual Finance offered at UCMH in February and March, where people can really transform their own relationships with money.  Please click here view our Winter-Spring 2019 Catalog for details. 

About the Presentations
Kerry Cudmore used to have a terrible relationship with money. A disorganized wallet, piles of unopened bills, and daily calls from angry creditors were indications of just how bad it was. She decided to change things once and for all, redefining her relationship with money, and now helping others do the same.

Individually and collectively, it is time to change our relationship with money. To leave behind the struggle and suffering and create something very different. In this engaging interactive talk, Kerry will share her unique Spiritual Finance perspective. We will explore how we create our relationship with money; and how  to change it for the better.

Please Note—
Related youth activities are available each Sunday in UCMH’s Union Hall.  Join us after the service for coffee, refreshments, and fellowship at our Worship Café!

About the Speakers       

Kerry Cudmore, MS, CPCC, PCC is a certified professional life and business coach, Master Empowerment Leader and Firewalking Instructor, and creator and founder of the Spiritual Finance Initiative, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to “Changing our individual and collective relationship with money.” She creates and teaches methods that make complex concepts easy to approach, understand and master; helping her clients and class participants create fearlessly joyful, prosperous, and fulfilling lives and businesses.

Maria Yunis, CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) is a self-proclaimed dream weaver. Her passion is empowering people who know they want more in their lives to be the creator of the life of their dreams. Through presence, deep inquiry and encouragement, and the power of perspective, clarity and direct heartful reflections Maria guides her clients into aligned actions that have them live their dreams.

Everyone is welcome to attend this special service and program!