UCMH Members, Josh Kirsch and Elisa Abatsis, Release New Album to Help Immigrant Children

The Icebox and the Doghouse

UCMH Members, Josh Kirsch and Elisa Abatsis, Release New Album,
The Icebox and the Doghouse, to Help Immigrant Children

Local residents and members of the Unitarian Church of Marlborough and Hudson, Joshua Kirch and Elisa Abatsis, have released a powerful new album, The Icebox and the Doghouse.

The album is a humanitarian effort to raise funds for the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights and tells stories of detained immigrant children in their own words.  The children’s stories are read by the couple over instrumental music composed by Kirch.

“The basic idea of the album is to give voice to the statements provided by children and young adult detainees at the ICE holding centers at the border.  These stories came from www.project-amplify.org, an organization devoted to putting these stories out into the public,” stated the artist.

“The music is very eclectic, a combination of ambient music, as well as some influences of electro, classical, pop, and rock elements.  The vocals are entirely spoken, as we wanted the stories to be verbatim words and remain unedited in the recording,” Joshua continued.

The Icebox and the Doghouse is available for download at www.joshuakirch.bandcamp.com.  

All proceeds from the album are donated to the Young Center for Child Immigrants, who provide child advocates for the detained immigrant children.  More information about the non-profit organization is available at www.theyoungcenter.org.