Sunday, March 6 ~ Stories of Awakening Faith ~ 10:30 a.m.

awakening faith

Sunday, March 6, 10:30 a.m.

Stories of Awakening Faith

An in-person Multigenerational Storytelling Service with Rev. Alice Anacheka-Nasemann and Cynthia Menard


Our theme for March is Awakening Faith. Who or what are we awakening our faith in? Ourselves? Community? God? How can that faith sustain us in difficult times? Join us this Sunday, March 6, in our beautiful, historic Sanctuary as Rev. Alice and Cynthia lead us in a multigenerational storytelling service introducing our theme. 

Covid Safety Information:

A sanctuary is a place of safety and refuge. There may be those among us who have various valid reasons to be more cautious about having contact with other people, but all of us need to feel safe as we return to our in-person community. Please observe the following safety guidelines:

  • Everyone must wear a mask while indoors. We have a limited number of disposable masks available if you find you’ve forgotten to bring yours – please ask someone if you don’t see them!
  • Socially distance from others not in your own household. Some folks have become quite comfortable with casual socializing, but for others this may feel risky, so we ask everyone to err on the side of caution!
  • Please refrain from singing during the service. Humming is encouraged. Dancing is also OK. 🙂
  • Coffee Hour in Union Hall will follow the service; we ask that participants remain masked when not actively drinking. Outdoor socializing is encouraged, weather permitting!

We are so happy to return to our beautiful sanctuary and to see in person all of our friends and neighbors in our beloved community.  Please help us keep it a safe and loving place for everyone.
~ Your UCMH Safety Committee

There is currently no plan in place for hybrid worship. Please contact the Church Office if you are interested in helping to facilitate a livestream option to include our friends who may not yet feel comfortable gathering in groups.