SGCC: Women’s Red Tent ~ Getting Into Intuition! ~ November 11, 12:30-4:30 PM

intuition istock elena medvedevHudson, MA Women’s Red Tent Gatherings: Celebrating over a decade of Sharing Our Stories and Creating Community!

Date/Time: November 11, 2023, 12:30pm-4:30pm

Location: Union Hall at the Unitarian Church of Marlborough and Hudson

Facilitated by: Jody Zolli and Nan Rogers (Founder)


Welcome, amazing women!

This tent will explore and celebrate our innate intuition.

Intuition is like a sixth sense and we all have it – the ability to sometimes understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Often called “gut feelings”, intuition tends to arise holistically and quickly, without awareness of any underlying process. There is a voice inside each of us that does not use words – all we need do is listen!

People sometimes joke dismissively about “women’s intuition” but, in truth, we often know more than we think we do. Our feelings can connect to knowledge we may not recognize we already have. What gifts has this inner wisdom already brought us? And how can we better learn to hear, trust, and embrace it?

We’ll explore our understanding of intuition, our experience with it, and share ways we can tune in to it more clearly. Truly, we are all intuitive – it’s part of our human nature! The challenge is to listen to our intuition when it arises, trust ourselves, and act on it when the time is right.

Please join us as we relax in one another’s presence, check in, share Reflections and Responses and the Wisdom of Women, enjoy light rituals and meditations, share lots of lovely snacks, and welcome one another with open hearts.

Come, let’s gather together inside the Red Tent, in Safe Space, where we can be ourselves and Share Our Stories. You are invited!

The Red Tent movement, inspired by Anita Diamant’s fictional story “The Red Tent” and founded by women’s visionary Alisa Starkweather, supports women in reclaiming the gifts of community as we gather together to co-create intimate, woman-centered, restorative, secular, confidential Safe Space.

We practice and receive Deep Listening that we may be present with our Authentic Selves. There’s never an obligation to share: this time is for YOU! Just come to absorb the loving vibes of fabulous womanspace if you like. This WomanSpace is created for adult and mature teen individuals who are walking a woman’s path.

What to bring:
– Dress comfortably (you are invited to bring slippers, yoga pillows, etc., whatever will make you feel even more at home).
– Please bring a snack to share! And, whether bought or made, if you are able, please share the ingredients for those of us who have allergies!
– If you are able, we welcome financial donations ($10 suggested) to help cover our costs, and to enable us to continue this work.

**PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL BE LOCKING THE DOOR AFTER 30 MINUTES. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PROMPT ARRIVAL!!! ** (If you will be joining us late, no problem, please just let us know in advance; feel free to PM Nancy Rogers)

– COVID guidelines: masks are optional but we will be socially distancing in an open-sided Tent space. Note that we may have to adjust this practice in the event of a further increase in COVID cases.
– Please be mindful so as not to overuse high-fragrance products; some attendees are scent-sitive.
– NO ANIMALS in Tent with the exception of CERTIFIED therapy animals.
– This is a smoke- and substance-free space.

Many thanks for your contributions to making this a Safe and Restorative space for all!

The Spiritual Growth and Community Center is an outreach program of the Unitarian Church of Marlborough and Hudson. We provide high-quality, inspirational programs, classes, and events to awaken peace, joy, love, compassion, personal growth, and creativity.  All programs are open to the community—people of all faiths, including atheists, can participate.

The Spiritual Growth and Community Center is made possible through the generous support of the members and friends of the Unitarian Church of Marlborough and Hudson.