Sunday Worship: October 22 ~ The Gift of Heritage ~ 10:30-Noon

UCMH Archives - Edith AinsleighSunday, October 22

The Gift of Heritage

The Unitarian Church of Marlborough & Hudson invites you into a time of spiritual reflection with our Soul Matters Sharing Circle. Once a month, in lieu of a formal worship service, we will gather to create safe, sacred space together, in a sharing circle format, so we may explore topics that apply to our daily living, and which contribute to personal spiritual discernment.


Facilitated by Nan Rogers, Member since 2010, Lay Leader and candidate for Interfaith Chaplaincy Ordination through ChIME (Chaplaincy Institute of Maine) 

Cost: Free; donations welcome

Please join us at Coffee Hour afterward for conversation and community!
Our theme for October: The Gift of Heritage. 

We think of Heritage as the legacies which we have inherited from our families. But indeed, we carry forth the legacy of all the meaningful relationships we’ve had, blood or chosen. We carry forth the legacy of Place and Event. And we ourselves are sources of wisdom and experience from whom others learn, change and grow. As Ralph Ellison points out, relatives live on in our DNA; ancestors live in the whispers of our hearts. Our relatives allowed us to be here; our ancestors tell us WHY we are here, and invite us to carry stories forward. (Our cover image for this event is a photo of our dear and late congregant Edith Ansleigh, who was given a lifetime achievement award as a Girl Scout Leader, guiding thousands of girls through decades of experiences.) Theirs is a heritage of values: values we use to construct not just our stories but ourselves. Please join us as we explore the gift of Heritage!

Youth ages 13-18 are encouraged to participate in our Circle. Children aged 7-12 will be meeting in Union Hall. Nursery care is available for children aged 6 and under.

COVID Safety: Masks are optional. Please, if you’re not feeling well, do stay home! Many thanks for your kind consideration!

Note: Because of the special, interactive nature of the Sharing Circle Format, this week’s worship will be IN PERSON ONLY.


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